Painting with Olga Sinclair - Jackson Pollock's styleThe primary objective of the Olga Sinclair Foundation is to achieve a comprehensive human development through art aiming to produce a positive transformation in our society.

We live in a society dominated by technocrats, where people work for a salary, without cultivating an essential part of their being: an interest in the different forms of genuine expression through art.

To achieve this objective, the Olga Sinclair Foundation proposes to develop strategies geared towards facilitating knowledge of different forms of artistic expression to Panamanian children; experiences to which, they would normally not have access.

The plans, strategies and actions to be carried out shall take place initially in Panama and shall be the result of the joint efforts of the Foundation with civil society and the funds obtained from local and intenational sponsors.

Painting with Olga Sinclair - Jackson Pollock's styleThe Olga Sinclair Foundation plans to put in place a program to develop painting skills with musical stimulation for boys and girls of other countries in Latin America. It likewise plans to establish important international alliances in order to extend the program to other continents within the upcoming years.

Olga Sinclair believes that feeding the spirit of our youngsters with visual and musical arts wakes up within them a motivation to achieve noble goals in their lives.