Painting with Olga Sinclair - Pablo Picaso's styleTo share with Panamanian children harmonious family values handed down from Alfredo and Olga Sniclair, generating within them an awakening of their five senses so that they can use them as a tool towards building a better quality of life..

To promote among Panamanian boys and girls a taste for the arts in a framework of equal opportunities for both genders emphasizing cultural, social and racial integration values in our society.

To use this apporach to artistic expressions and the teaching of these disciplines, as a tool for a comprehensive development of Panamanian children and youth; promoting actions that tend towards the graphic and musical stimulation, as well as the early detection of talent and supporting the potential development of the talent detected.

To obtain the support of people, institutions and social groups who identify with the objectives of the Foundation in order to rescue the talent of Panamanian boys and girls and make them aware of the values of universal aesthetics.